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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Favorite trolls... Gone.

Please. Don't ever put your valuable trolls in your suitcase.

Yes, I know you're not supposed to put anything worth value in your suitcase. Yes, I had reasons why I had to put them in there. Yes, I was part of the population that didn't realize it could ever happen to me. Yes, I have gone through every step to try and get them back. And yes, I am devastated.

Thank you so much to the amazing friends out there that have been so kind in helping me deal with my loss.

*I have since discovered that both my boy and girl sawdust trolls were also in my suitcase.


  1. What happend to the suitcase and the trolls, so bad that you lost them :(

  2. Ashley, hi from Spain! I love your blog. I'm a huge fan of trolls, I have 8 or more and your care and repair tips are very usefull! Thank u so much! I save your web on my favs!

  3. I am so sorry about your trolls! You have to be a true aficionado to understand the loss. I had all my dam monkeys and tailed trolls and
    Christmas ball troll ornaments stolen and sold on eBay. EBay does not work to get them back only ban the thief from eBay. I had them for 50 years ( since I was nine). My blue eyed 2.5 tailed one was the hardest one to lose.

    1. Oh gosh, Gloria, that is so terrible! I am so incredibly sorry that happened to you!! My heart just aches for you - that is so hard

    2. So sorry this happened to you.just found your blog & I hope you will post again. I have found your blog to be so informative & interesting.

  4. Oh no!!! Are you saying that all those wonderful trolls in the top picture were in your suitcase and they're gone?????? Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!! I've loved your blog for years...I refurbished my first Iggy following your instructions. I'm so very sorry for your loss =( I don't know about you, but my trolls are like my babies...I love them. I'm sure, considering the rare trolls you have, the kick in the wallet hurts, too =( I'm so sorry.