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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Photos of Thomas Dam

Thomas Dam
Creator of troll dolls

Piggy Piggy Trolls

Dam Pig Troll Banks

In the 1980's, Norfin started producing animal banks, the Pig being one of them. They came with little, plastic keys that unlocked the stopper in the bottom, enabling you get remove your coins. Dam has now re-released and are producing many of the animal banks again, including the 3 poses of Piggy banks.

In the 80's there was also a larger size of Pig bank:

(Older, large sized Pig bank with newer Pig bank)
I love these two together :-)

The newer keys tend to be blue, the older ones were white.

Stopper and Dam imprint:

They also produced a brown version!
(photo coming soon!)
This guy is neat! And extremely uncommon!

Norfin's Ark / Troll Family

Dam made little troll animals, in America known as the "Norfin's Ark" line. In Europe they came in packages labeled "Troll Family." The little pigs came in two different positions (one sitting with their front feet on the ground, the other sitting up with their front feet pressed together by their chest), and were named Claiborne & Montague Pig. There were albino animals made as well, and are more uncommon than the regular colors.

(photo coming soon!)

Rauls Pig trolls

I think the Piggy trolls made by Rauls are some of their cutest :-). Like other Rauls animal trolls, they are covered in rabbit fur, and have strings attached to the top of their heads. Sometimes they have white airbrushing on their nose, ears, and feet, and sometimes not. I've seen them in both natural coloring, and wild coloring (like my yellow one below).

(Rauls Pigs in front, with Dam Pig banks in back)