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Friday, August 19, 2011

"The Nursery Group"

"The Nursery Group" were Dam's adorable babies, consisting of "newborns", "infants", and "toddlers". The newborns (model #510) were in lying down positions, the infants (model #511) were sitting down, and the toddlers (model #512) were standing.

They most often had short, cropped hair, or short, fluffy hair. Every now and then you'll see one with long hair, but not very often.

They have been a long time favorite of mine. Several years ago, I did two Photoshop pieces to illustrate each pose found in the Nursery Group.

They would often come in a plastic container with handles:

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  1. Hi, I'm 11 and I've got a collection of over 40 trolls. I love your site and am waiting for more posts! :)
    Holding the pride of place is my 1964 Dam Elephant troll, who I've named Quentin, and I've also got a lovely family of Shekter monkeys (large Mum, small girl baby, both clothed and another small one, unclothed)which I adore.
    I'm looking for a large Dam Monkey and a Dam Mouse and my b-day's coming up so I hope I'll get some trolls!
    Did I tell you I loved the site? :)
    Tilly Trollx