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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Types of Hair

Recently on the Damthings group, a question on the different types of troll hair was asked, and I thought Timm gave a very nice answer:


Icelandic wool - long , soft - weight can vary

Tibetan - very soft /usually curly but not that long- 1-4 inches normally and lighter in weight

Mohair - finer than icelandic, not so much under coat and usually shorter- very soft as well

Sheep Wool - many of the the trolls produced in New Zealand use this hair- shorter, coarser and curlier - looks great for the boy trolls

Hemp - the Arensbak trolls use this natural fiber for the hair/body- very straw like but softer

Man Made:

Acrylic - typically coarser than than natural, not as long- 3 inches about the max

Nylon - these are long , thicker individual strands

Saran - this was an early troll hair used on the Marx trolls- flatter strands , not very long, tend to be brittle

Polyester - there are a few type of Japan trolls that use this hair- soft, no backing, tends to be wavy

Coarse Polyester - some of the Wishniks used this hair- very long, very coarse- like a brillo pad, no backing and simply one end glued to the scalp. Does not hold up or brush well.

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  1. I seem to recall from childhood that some trolls' hair had a fruit smell? could you please confirm there might have been a limited collection? or is this just a crazy childhood memory?