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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Show

One of the things I love to do is to try and find new outfits for my larger trolls. The 16 inchers (Livvy, Henry, & Greta) have the most doll-like proportions of the Dam troll line, so therefore have a greater possibility of fitting into pre-made doll clothing. "Possibility" is definitely the word for it though - most clothing does NOT fit. Their arms are big, and their chest is small. It is an adventure to try and find clothing that I can alter without it ruining the look of the garment. Build-A-Bear is often a good place to start. There are a lot of returns, and a lot of alters, but it is so exciting to see your troll looking so cute! Iggys are another large sized troll that I love to try and outfit.

Since this is something that tends to be a continual process, this post will be updated periodically with new looks.

The following are what my girls are currently wearing :-).






  1. Now that is what we call Troll Fashion! =)

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    I would like to ask for permission if I can add your blog to my list of blogs that I follow.

    Thank you!
    Ardent Collector

  2. Of course you can add me Arden Collector! Thank you for the compliment :-). I'm looking forward to your updates on your blog - and the fish on your banner are really neat!

  3. Thank you very much for adding/following me!

    I would also like to ask for permission, if I can add your blog on my List Of Links. =)

    I like your blog banner also, very nice perspective.

    Thank you!
    Ardent Collector

  4. You can most certainly add me to your list Ardent Collector :-). Thanks again for the compliment!

  5. That's a troll fashion show! Love your Iggynormous.
    Tilly Troll :)