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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Names to go with faces

Here is a list of names that go with particular face and body molds (the ones that I know). Names weren't really given in association with faces/bodies until the Norfin era (besides the Iggynormous), so very vintage trolls aren't really listed. The same can be said for newer trolls. For newer trolls, names are given for the character, not necessarily the troll itself. There are many, many characters out there, new and old (which at some point I'll probably create a list for that too - just watch), but in the mean time, this is just for names that are associated with certain faces and body types.

Not all faces are listed at the moment - I haven't ever found a name for a few from the same Norfin era. My favorites are the 8.5" trolls that look up (with whites under their eyes).

There is a male and female version. I heard that this face was not as popular back when in America, so it was produced more in Europe. Since Norfin was based in America, maybe that's why. Or maybe not :-).

I've listed them by size:




Grandpa & Grandma

Erik & Erika

George (& Georgette)

(I unfortunately do not have Georgette -
she is the same as George, just with longer hair,
and no scarf)
(And this is technically Christmas George ;-) )


(dressed in Forest clothing)





(dressed as the Gypsy character)


Hanna & Hans

Sven & Inge

Hilda & Thor

Little Sister/Brother

Little Tykes

Tiny Ones

Toddlers = standing
Infants = sitting
Newborns = laying down


  1. Dou you know the name of the troll sort of like Lars but with his mouth wide open?

  2. I'm pretty sure I know which troll you're talking about, and I wish I did! He is one of the few that I have never seen a name for. He might not have one. I will definitely let you know (and update ;-) ) if I find it though!

  3. this blog is awesome and informative!
    -allyson patricia

  4. Would you happen to know the name of the 6" troll (articulated head, walking pose) with the open-mouthed grin? Thanks, your blog is so helpful!

  5. It sounds like you are talking about the Lingenberry trolls. They unfortunately do not have specific names for each of their faces, but they do come with a neat story - Here is my entry on them:

  6. Hello, I have both Bubby and Zeyda and am selling them on e-bay. Problem is I am not sure which name goes with which troll. I thought the man was Bubby and Zeyda was the woman. Looking at the pics on this site it shows oposite. I don't want to send the wrong tag with the wrong doll. Thank you Roxanne

  7. How funny Roxanne, I had the same confusion about Bubby and Zeyda when I first got them! My husband actually set me on the right track - "Bubby" (or Bubbe) is Grandmother in Yiddish, and "Zeyda" (or Zayde) is Grandfather in Yiddish.

  8. hi i have 452 troll dolls!!!when i saw your 19-20 inched troll i loved!! do you know of any where a could by or get one in England (or get one shipped over to England) that size?!!
    p.s this site is trollsome

  9. Awesome you are researching this!!!!