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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mice Trolls

Dam Mice Trolls

Dam Mice trolls were made for a time in the 1960's. Dam unfortunately had to stop producing them, for their tails kept getting stuck when they were being removed from the mold, and would break off inside, which ruined the mold. Because of this, Dam Mice are rather uncommon.

They are about 5 inches tall, and come in 3 faces: Happy, Upset, and Smiling.

(Notice the Happy mouse still has his original whiskers? It is very common to find these older mice without their whiskers - over time they fall out. She is also wearing her original outfit)

(You can see the smile a bit more clearly in the first photo of this post)

They have all gray vinyl bodies that have the same type of build as the Little Brother & Sister / Older Playmate trolls, and short, dark gray, fun fur hair. Darker gray airbrushing runs down the tops of their tails, and they have black painted noses. No part of their body is articulated. Each face of mouse also has a slightly different body than the other two, including different tails.

Two different Dam Stamps:
(Same 2 stamps that are found on older Playmates)

Happy and Smiling Mouse:

"(C) 19 (deeper stamp that appears to be backwards,
may say 68)"

Upset Mouse:

"(C) 1967"

Norfin's Ark

In the late 1980's, Norfin/Dam produced a series of small animal trolls, called "Norfin's Ark."

This is the mouse troll from the series, Cecily:

Rauls Mice Trolls

Rauls, based in England, made animal trolls with rabbit fur hair, or were covered in rabbit fur. (When collecting Rauls trolls, make sure to pay attention to the condition of their rabbit fur.) The small sizes typically have a hanging cord attached to the top of their head. They sometimes say "Made in England" on the bottom of their feet.

Each type of Rauls mouse:

The small sizes tend to be 2.5-3 inches tall, and the large size is 6.5 inches tall.

My matching pair :-)

I, personally, am in love with Rauls mice ;-).

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  1. Hi, I'm 11 years old and I'm really into trolls. I actually collect them, and my pride of place is my 1964 Dam elephant troll. I also have a beautiful family of Shekter monkeys which I adore: a large mother monkey, a baby girl monkey (both dressed) and an unclothed monkey. I've over 40 and my collection is still growing. I'd love your blog, but I notice you haven't posted for several years. I wanted to tell you about my collection (of mostly Dam) trolls. And I wanted to say, that I'm still looking for a Dam mouse!