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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lingenberry Trolls

Some of my favorite trolls are the Lingdenberry trolls. I just think they're fun :-). Body type: 6 inches tall, only the head is articulated, foot engraving #725, and they are in a walking pose. They wear felt clothing (dress for the girls, open jacket and pants for the boys), and have a felt satchel with elastic strap (where they keep their Lingenberries :-) ). It is not uncommon to find a Lingenberry troll that has lost his satchel along the way.

They come in 5 different faces:

They originally came in a wonderfully illustrated box, on the back of which has a really cute story about trolls searching for Lingenberries. The box is very hard to find. I think the illustrations are just lovely, and so in the Dam company style!


(click on image to enlarge for easier reading)




Here is a fabulous image created by Debra Gewand. She is an artist who creates, among other things, lovely custom clip art. She created this wonderful border using clip art that she created from the drawings on the original box. On her website, she has a great page dedicated to Lingenberry trolls:

(used with permission)

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  1. if not for your blog, i might have never seen the box illustrations. . . i've never seen a dam troll box. . .

    Allyson Patricia