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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

European & American Giraffe trolls

Yay! My first European giraffe just arrived from England! He is just too neat - he is in the middle, accompanied by two of my American giraffes.

European trolls are interesting - though similar to trolls produced in America, they tend to be slightly different than their American counterparts, and some (like the giraffe and small horse) are more difficult to find (and hence, are more expensive). A good give-away on whether it is a Euro troll or not is that they are made of "squishier" vinyl than those made in America. They also sometimes look a little different in their air brushing. For instance, the Euro giraffe is a bit more brown, and has a more distinct diamond pattern, and tends to be the larger size of giraffe. American giraffes came in two different sizes: I have him flanked by the 12.5 inch American giraffe, and the smaller sized 11.5 inch American giraffe (my sweet girl with replaced pink hair with black tips ;-) ). I have also only seen Euro giraffes with black or brown hair, whereas the American giraffes came in several different colors (peach, white, brown, black).

He's such a big, handsome boy, though his old mohair is delicate. I can't brush it without damaging it, so he'll just have to have the perpetual just-got-out-of-bed-look (that's fashionable anyway, right?)

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