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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elusive Alligator Trolls

You can't talk about troll collecting without mentioning the elusive Alligator trolls. They have only ever really been seen in photos, and only one of each size is in known existence. There are two sizes (6 inch and 3 inch), and are thought to have been made in Florida (for the Gators). The above photo is one I have framed above my computer desk in my Studio - it is a photo insert (well, mine is a copy that I bought of the photo ;-) ) that was the background of a magnetic dartboard found at Pat's Pub (I'm not sure where the pub is located...). Not much is known about these awesome trolls, and the owner is rather secretive of his identity. The photos below were two common photos of the alligator trolls that made their rounds through excited emails. They are considered to be one of the "Holy Grails" of the troll collecting world.

(aren't they neat? :-) )

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  1. Since there are many generations of Gator alumni and fans here in Florida, I can see why these are so elusive. Maybe I should ask around, I know quite a few hard core Gators! I wonder if they were been made by Scandia House, being a FL company.