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Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage Tailed Trolls

Dam's rare 1960's Tailed trolls came in 3 different sizes. The most common is the largest size, 6 inches (7 inches to the tops of his large ears). More rare is the smallest, 2.5 inches, and the most rare is the middle size, 3.5 inches. They all originally had long mohair, and mohair on the end of their tails. It is very common to find a vintage tailed troll that no longer has his mohair on his tail. For the large and medium sizes, I have only seen amber eyes, but for the smallest, he came in a variety of eye colors (mine has blue eyes :-) ). A very distinctive characteristic of a tailed troll is that they have detailed fingernails on both their hands and their feet (except for the medium size - for some reason he doesn't!). The only other troll to have fingernails is the rare and highly sought after Monkey troll.

The large and medium size originally came dressed in a burlap outfit with string belt. Charms were strung on the belt, the most common being a red, felt "fig leaf." The small size came au naturel.

(Neat advertisement showing all three sizes of Tailed troll when they first came out)

Foot imprints:
(click on image to see larger)


  1. Awesome website! Wonderful reference picts & info for folks wanting to know more.

  2. Thanks! I know know my tailed-troll is a #702 model.She has pink eyes and light pink hair (that has thinned and rolled, almost like dreadlocks) but I'm about to replace it with some Icelandic mohair. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thank you for this information. I found a large Dam Troll with the lucky box which is red on a brown string and has a yellow felt leaf attached. Some people have tried to tell me its not an original accessory but now I have proof. I appreciate it!