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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My troll STINKS! How to fix...

Sometimes, time (or previous owners) has not been kind to trolls. Its so sad to excitedly get a new troll, only to find that it STINKS. I'm talking about the prevasive type of stink, that does not wash away with a simple bath. How to get rid of the bad smell is a good question that pops up on the Yahoo Damthings group every now and then. I wanted to post some of the great advice that has been given to help the situation.

Mostly, time and fresh air will be the ultimate healer, but here are a few things you can do to lessen the smell:

  • Replace the hair. When hair is damaged enough to have such a horrible smell, it often will not come out. Try washing it first, and if it is still bad, its better to just replace it.
  • Soak the troll in efferdent tablets overnight. They smell minty fresh in the morning.
  • Bury the troll (sans hair is best) in clean kitty litter, and leave for a while. One Damthings member left hers for a month, and he came out much refreshed. 
  • Stuff the troll full of febreeze. You have to remove the hair in order to access the inner cavity. This helps to a lesser degree, but any little bit helps!
  • Bleach the troll (sans hair).
  • Boil the troll in RIT dye (though only if you want to change the color of the troll).


  1. I use DeStinker from - works like a charm. No need to boil, bury or stuff! :)

  2. Other thoughts from my sister are to wrap in black print newspaper (or charcoal pellets) she swears charcoal draws the smells out and into the newspaper or pellets. I did this with two moth ball smell trolls and put everything in a lock tight tidy cat bucket and left it untouched for a year. It seems to have helped. For tobacco smells try Jon Don odor X tobac attack,it worked for me but it didn't work for a friend.