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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Die cut letters

I love the felt letters that Scandia House used to adorn their trolls with! They typically say "ra ra, go team" type of things, or they reflect what the troll is (like "Gemini" for a horoscope troll). The letters were die cut, so they have very clean edges, and great detail for such small pieces of felt (which is near impossible to replicate with scissors). Companies and schools could even order trolls with customized names or sayings!

The letters over time sometimes fall off (probably due to rough handling), so when buying a troll with felt lettering, look and double check if any of the letters were badly glued back on (which usually leaves a yellow smudge). Not a big deal, but if you are wanting a troll as close to pristine as you can get (not easy for vintage trolls), its something to look for.

Interesting fact:
The Dam company initially only made trolls with their original outfits (jumper dresses with two straps for the girls, shorts with one strap for the boys) or nude, and used more natural colored mohair (white, blond, black, brown, gray, light peach). Inge Dykins' company Scandia House Enterprises, based in America, made them more hip and exciting by introducing wildly colorful hair and cool outfits (including the outfits with felt lettering).

(History between the two companies is interesting, and will be in another post ;-) )

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